District 5 elections were held on April 23, 2017.  Congratulations to our new group of officers for 2017-2018!


Commander Kevin Reinhold VFW Post 6461
Sr Vice Commander Anthony Archer VFW Post 101
Jr Vice Commander Eric Veed VFW Post 4051
Quartermaster Ronald Grider VFW Post 6461
Adjutant Steve Urbany VFW Post 6461
Chaplain Ronnie Ferguson VFW Post 6461
Judge Advocate Bob Green VFW Post 4051
Surgeon Daryl Otwell VFW Post 3917
Trustee – 1 Year Steve Kjonaas VFW Post 3917
Trustee – 2 Year George Snyder VFW Post 101
Trustee – 3 Year Barbara Green VFW Post 4051
Service Officer Page Gilmore VFW Post 3917
Chief of Staff Andy Tyler VFW Post 6051


District 5 coming Committee Chairs for 2017-2018


Americanism Eric Veed VFW Post 4051
Military Services Chris Linski VFW Post 4051
Membership Kevin Reinhold VFW Post 6461
Hospital Ronnie Ferguson VFW Post 6461
Community Service Barbara Green VFW Post 4051
Buddy Poppy Keith Rubel VFW Post 6461
Voice of Democracy Page Gilmore VFW Post 3917
Patriot Pen Page Gilmore VFW Post 3917
Youth Activites Brian Shanahan VFW Post 6461
Teacher of the Year Anthony Archer VFW Post 101
Scout of the Year Dave Stone VFW Post 3917
EMT, Firefighter, Police Bob Green VFW Post 3917