Hello members of the Post

I want to thank you for letting me stay as the service officer for the post this coming year.

I will continue to help veterans in our area to the best of my ability. I help on average four veterans a week from everything from filling a VA claim to helping them find resources out in the community. I do this because I really do enjoy it and there are so many veterans that need the help! The Veteran Service Officers (VSO) with the VFW need your help too so please stop by the post and ask what you can do to help the VSOs.

I want to point out a few things this month and I brought these issues up in our general membership meeting so if you did not make it here they are.  Vietnam or Korean War veterans with children diagnosed with Spina Bifida are eligible for VA benefits. There are also a few other birth defects that a child could get benefits depend if their mom or dad served in Vietnam or Korean. You as the veteran just need to get in touch with the VA fill out the right paperwork. Camp Lejeune veterans please go to the VA and get on their list if the VA cannot find you then you are missing out! You are not only missing out on the money in our pocket every month but on the free medical treatments for our service connected issues. I suggest keeping the Veterans Crisis Line number handy and if you don’t know it here it is 1-800-273-8255.

The Last thing I want to bring up is please come to the post general meetings! We hold these meetings for you the members, this is your time to step up and tell us how you would like the post to run things. The leadership is nothing without the members standing behind them. Get out and get involved with what the post is doing and feel free to check us out on Facebook. Just search Cheyenne Mountain VFW Post 3917 and then follow us! The General Member Meeting is every second

Tuesday from 7pm until 8:30 please put it in our calendar!


Thanks for your service,

Steven Bustamante

Post Service Officer for Post 3917 

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