The MY STARS Children's Reading and Activities Program at VFW Post 3917 has had a wonderful season so far this year. 

In May, we learned of the beginning of the use of the Poppy flower in remembering fallen military. The children had fun painting clay pots to plant poppy seeds in! June was all about the Washington Monument. The questions these kids had were astounding! For instance, "How many Presidents served during the building of the Washington Monument?" I had to hit the internet for that one!!!

In July we are proud to honor our Armed Forces for our next session on July 8! The Stars and I will be learning what each branch of the Armed Forces contributes to America's protection of all of us. Looking forward to stories of their parents and what they have done and where they have been!




This year we are searching for a new Logo to use on our MY STARS clothing items (t-shirts, hats, etc.), Flyers and posters, stationary and more. So we are having a contest for children ages 3 - 12 to submit a logo portraying our Love of America and Patriotism from a child's imagination. The winner will be announced at our End of Year Party on October 7, 2017!!!

The family of the child whose Logo is selected will win an HP Notebook!!!!

This Program is held outside in our Pavilion, weather permitting, and we serve lunch to the Stars, their parents and our faithful Volunteers. 





July 8

Our Armed Forces


August 5

Our Heroic Civil Servants


September 9

Our Statue of Liberty


October 7

End of Year Party

Who am I? Costumes

Dress up as anyone or anything that makes you feel Patriotic!!!



We'll see you there!!!  

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